Regular Meeting Agenda

December 2019

Location: RCHS Culinary Art Room (enter through CTE doors)

Date and Time: December 9, 5:30pm

  • Call to order
  • Approval of Minutes from November
  • Public Comments
  • Executive Committee Report
    • President’s report (Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl)
    • Treasurer’s report (Jen Andrews)
  • Principal’s report (Mr. Craft)
  • Committee reports
    • Fundraising (Mary Kelly and Kimberly Hines)
      • Virginia Diner Peanuts
      • Ford/Lincoln Drive
      • Other initiatives
  • Hospitality (Molly Kay Moore, Connie Loughhead, Bethany Hull)
      • Reality store sign-up sheet
  • Facebook (Molly Kay Moore)
  • Media/Communications (Julie Woodzicka, Dave Pfaff)
  • After-Prom (Kimberly Hines and Tc McCoy)
      • We need to start planning
  • Wildcat Inspiration Award (Courtney Diette)
      • We need two volunteers to help Courtney
  • Faculty Representative
  • Student Vice President
  • New Initiatives – ideas to discuss
    • Parent training (RACS) – potential date [February]
    • College admission panel – potential date [April]
    • Local employer fair
    • Design thinking workshop
    • Covering cost of unpaid lunches
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