August 2020

 Call to order

  1. Introductions
  2. Membership
  3. Goals for the year: PTSA in the time of a pandemic
    1. Mental health initiatives of the school
    2. Supporting students and teachers of color
  1. Operationalizing the non-discrimination statement
    1. Supporting teachers
    2. Supporting parents
  1. Plan for October general membership meeting:
    1. Speaker on Racial Justice/Implicit Bias and its effect on Student’s mental Health
    2. Dates
  2. Committee goals
    1. Fundraising 
    2. Hospitality
    3. Facebook 
    4. Media/Communications
    5. After-Prom
    6. Wildcat Inspiration Award
    7. Faculty Representative 
    8. Student Vice President



RCHS PTSA General Meeting, Agenda May 11, 2020, 5:30pm Zoom session

Present: Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl, Jen Andrews, Megan Vaught, Dr. Craft, Tinni Sen, Ashlee Payne, Julie Woodzicka, Kim Hickman, Pat Bradley, Dave Pfaff, Bethany Hull, Andy Martin

Call to order Public Comments – none

Principal’s report (Michael Craft)

· Underclass awards are being filmed; will be broadcast 5/20

· Senior awards are being filmed (family is invited to the school to watch student cross the stage; broadcast on 5/21

· ACTION: Link awards videos on PTSA Facebook page;

· ACTION: use Wildcat Weekly Youtube channel and/or utilize Mrs. Holton to publicize on the Prowler

· Graduation video sessions begin Wednesday. Each senior will be filmed crossing the stage to receive his/her diploma.

o Graduation video will be displayed at Hull’s on 5/22. The public will be encouraged to line the route from RCHS to Hull’s to form a “parade”.

· If face-to-face restrictions are lifted, RCHS will host an in-person graduation ceremony.

· School lunches: students’ parents will have an opportunity to apply for a card to use for the purchase of their own food supplies.

· Projecting a $1.2MM shortfall in budget

Executive Committee Report

· Treasurer’s report (Jen Andrews): Revenue – another good batch of support for After-Prom party; Expenses – PTSA purchased Main Street Lexington gift certificates for teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. ACTION: tax form prep beginning in June.

New Business

· Vote: PTSA Officers for the next academic year

Tinni Sen– President

Daniella Topasna – Vice President

Jen Andrews – Treasurer

Megan Vaught – Secretary

All approved unanimously

· PTSA Senior Award (Pat Bradley)

o One nominee so far; deadline for nominations is Friday

o ACTION: Dr. Bradley will notify Jen Andrews the name of the winner so she can issue the check

o ACTION: Dr. Bradley will record the award video for the Senior Night awards ceremony

o ACTION: announce to PTSA membership (Tinni)

· Wildcat Inspiration Award (Courtney Diette)

o 6 nominees; Tinni, Courtney and Megan will review nominations and vote (virtually)

o Two awards will be given; all six nominees will receive a laser-cut acrylic award (created by Dave Pfaff)

o ACTION: Courtney will have the awards engraved and will get the awards for the nominees and winners over to RCHS

Committee Reports

· Fundraising (Mary Kelly and Kimberly Hines) – no report

· Hospitality (Molly Kay Moore, Connie Loughhead, Bethany Hull):

o We finished off the 2019/20 school year with a staff appreciation breakfast of sausage biscuits and coffee donated by Seth at McDonald’s and doughnuts from Pure Eats. We also purchased $10 gift

certificates for the teachers and staff that can be used in any downtown store or restaurant. Even with all the craziness at the end, we had a wonderful year celebrating the teachers and staff at RCHS!

· Facebook (Molly Kay Moore) – no report

· After Prom (Kimberly Hines) – no report

· Media/Communications (Julie Woodzicka, Dave Pfaff) – no report

· Faculty Representative (Ashlee Payne)

o All the teachers are so thankful for the gift cards. That was so kind, and really let us know that we have your support during this difficult time.

o Please let me know how I can help and support you next year, as I hope Mary Holton and I get to continue to be the teacher liaisons.

· Student Vice President – not presen

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