Regular Meeting Agenda

April 12 2021, 6:00pm

Location: Zoom

Present: Tinni Sen, Daniela Topasna, Jen Andrews, Megan Vaught, Dr. Craft, Dr. Bradley, Ashlee Payne, Julie Woodzicka, Grace Frascati, Bethany Hull

  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of Minutes from March
  3. Public Comments: none
  1. President’s Report: Tinni Sen
    1. Supporting school activities: Professional Development activity: Diversity and Equity training for teachers with Dr. Boller this Friday, 10 AM – 2 Noon
    1. 21-22 PTSA nomination update:
  1. President: Paul Hanstedt
  2. Vice President: Daniela Topasna
  • Treasurer: Wendy Orrison (cannot meet on Mondays…new leadership will need to change the night of the monthly meeting)
  1. Secretary:
  2. Hospitality: Laura Pearson? (Virginia Hilliard wants to be on committee, but not chair)
  3. Media: Ellen Satrom
  • Fundraising:
  • Our next general membership meeting will include voting in the new PTSA board members. Their term technically begins in May; may consider updating bylaws so incoming board members’ term begins in fall.
  1. Vice President’s Report: Daniela Topasna
    1. Two new members this month
    2. Current membership total is 240-250
  2. Treasurer’s report: Jen Andrews
    1. Revenues:
      1. $500 anonymous donation for teacher appreciation
      2. ~$63 Kroger dividends
  • 2 new teacher members
  1. No expenses this month
  2. Balance = ~$20,600
  1. Principal’s report: Mike Craft
    1. Completed 11th grade writing SOL during March
    2. Fall sports wrapping up this week
    3. Remediation efforts for students:
  1. Before/during school for seniors
  2. “8th period” for all students
    1. 4th 9 weeks begins this week
    2. Graduation: June 4 @ RCHS stadium
    3. “Alternative Prom” in mid to late May
  1. 250 is current max capacity for outdoor events
  2. Hope to incorporate some of the after-prom activities into this event
  • ACTION (Dr. Craft): Connect Tinni, Kimberly Hines and Grace Frascati with class sponsors
    1. Other senior activities in the works:
  1. Senior Trip to Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion
  2. Senior picnic at Young Life camp in Goshen
  • Senior “field day” at the school
  1. ACTION (Tinni/Grace): Confirm details w/Dr. Craft and then communicate senior activities planned via PTSA membership list and social media
  1. Faculty Representative Report: Ashlee Payne and Mary Holton
    1. Teachers are discouraged over losing the opportunity to work from home on Friday
      1. ACTION (Dr. Craft): ask about rationale behind changing policy around working from home on Fridays.
    2. Student Representative Report: Grace Frascati
      1. Any event to socialize with friends and get excited for graduation would be greatly appreciated
      2. Could utilize social media (polls) to gather students’ input on “alternative prom” activities
      3. Will utilize social media to promote Senior Award
      4. Can connect with Grace Wanovich/SCA regarding year-end events
      5. Student Rep update:
        1. One student (Grace Rollin?) indicated that she is interested in serving as PTSA student representative
        2. Ali Pfaff is interested in serving as student rep
  • ACTION (Tinni): give name of additional student who is interested in serving as PTSA student representative
  1. ACTION (Grace): publicize opportunity to serve as student rep on social media again
  1. Committee reports
    1. After-Prom – Kimberly Hines: no report
    2. Facebook – Molly Kay Moore: no report
    3. Fundraising – Mary Kelly and Kimberly Hines: no report
    4. Hospitality – Bethany Hull:
  1. Will plan an event for teacher appreciation week (May 3-7)
    1. Website – Lyutsiya Noskova: no report
    2. PTSA Wildcat Inspiration Awards – Megan Vaught
  1. Timeline:

4/22 – 5/13 Collect nominations

(Advertise via PTSA mailing list, Guidance office, Dr. Craft, Senior English classes, PTSA Social Media accounts)

5/14 names of all nominees to Dave Pfaff, names of winners to Hess for engraving

5/14 Send invite to virtual awards ceremony to nominees, students/parents, administration, PTSA members

(Approx.) 5/28 Virtual Wildcat Inspiration Award “Ceremony” (Zoom)

  1. Promotion: utilize email, announcements, social media, senior Google classroom
  • Julie Woodzicka and Daniela will help review nominations
  1. Awards: MV will order obelisks from Hess and ask Dave Pfaff to prepare plaques for nominees
  2. Event: schedule Zoom gathering for nominees, seniors and parents
    1. PTSA Senior Award – Patrick Bradley
  1. Will work on promoting the award: daily announcements, email, PTSA membership list, social media (Utilize Mr. Fleshman, Travis Rogers for Facebook and Twitter), senior Google Classroom
  2. Will ask other teachers for their help in reviewing nominations
  • ACTION (Daniela): provide list of senior PTSA members to Dr. Bradley
  1. ACTION (Tinni): Provide hard copies of membership application for guidance office
  1. New business: none
  1. Adjourned


February 8, 2021, 6:00 PM

Location: Zoom

Attendees: Tinni Sen, Daniela Topasna, Jen Andrews, Megan Vaught, Mike Craft (Principal), Mary Holton (Teacher Rep), Grace Frascati (Student rep), Ellen Satrom


  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of Minutes from January.
  3. Public Comments – none
  4. President’s Report – Tinni Sen
    1. Supporting school activities: (Voluntary) Professional Development activity. Dr. Craft suggested a Friday Google Meet to maximize availability. Janet Boller is confirming her availability.
    1. Nomination Committee
  1. Open positions for 21-22: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Hospitality, Facebook, Website, Student Representative
  2. Need a concerted effort to form a Nominating Committee ACTION: Grace will post call for volunteers and nominating committee on PTSA Instagram; publicize on Facebook (Molly Kay)
  • Wendy Orrison – volunteered to serve as Treasurer; President if necessary
  1. College Admissions Panel: Tinni is still firming up details with Ms. Pedigo.
  2. Vice President’s Report – Daniela Topasna
  3. Two new members in the past month; brings total to ~243.
  4. Treasurer’s report – Jen Andrews
    1. Balance is >$20K
    2. PTSA Senior Scholarship Funds: PTSA Approved motion to add a second PTSA Scholarship. ACTION: Grace will post on PTSA Instagram (touch base with Dr. Bradley for details to include in post)
      Principal’s report. Mike Craft

      1. Since our last meeting, the winter sports season was able to occur. It has been a successful season!
      2. Fall sports practices have begun
      3. Weather cancelled the PSAT (students can take a different test for eligibility for National Merit Scholarship)
      4. Thank you for treats for teachers when they came back to school
      5. Curriculum night was a success; still collecting schedule request forms from students
      6. Teachers have received first COVID vaccination
      7. Parent-Teacher conferences will be held on 2/24
      8. Fewer than ½ of students are participating in hybrid schedule
  5. Faculty Representative Report: Mary Holton
    1. Virtual talent show will be held next month
    2. Teachers are encouraged by vaccinations
    3. Good to have students in the building, even though such a small percentage have opted in for hybrid instruction
    4. Hospitality for teachers is always well-received and greatly appreciated; wish list is a great tool for teachers. Words of encouragement and appreciation are so helpful. ACTION: Consider notes of appreciation for teachers (all); encourage students to share appreciation via
  6. Student Representative Report: Grace Frascati
    1. Feedback from students who are in-person has been positive
    2. Has anyone begun planning for graduation on 6/4?
      1. Dr. Craft said that the school is definitely planning for some sort of ceremony; VMI has delayed making a decision on allowing for the use of Cameron Hall
        Committee reports
    1. After-Prom: Kimberly Hines – no report
    2. Facebook: Molly Kay Moore – no report
    3. Fundraising: Mary Kelly and Kimberly Hines – no report
    4. Hospitality: Connie Loughhead – no report
    5. Website: Lyutsiya Noskova – no report
    6. The PTSA Wildcat Inspiration Awards: Megan Vaught
  1. Will begin planning in earnest beginning next month. The hope will be to hold some sort of ceremony in person; MV will formulate a timeline to share at next month’s meeting.
    1. PTSA Senior Award: Patrick Bradley
  1. Dr. Bradley will again take the lead on the award process; Ms. Van Ravenswaay will publicize via guidance office and email.

August 2020

Call to order

  1. Introductions
  2. Membership
  3. Goals for the year: PTSA in the time of a pandemic
    1. Mental health initiatives of the school
    2. Supporting students and teachers of color
  1. Operationalizing the non-discrimination statement
    1. Supporting teachers
    2. Supporting parents
  1. Plan for October general membership meeting:
    1. Speaker on Racial Justice/Implicit Bias and its effect on Student’s mental Health
    2. Dates
  2. Committee goals
    1. Fundraising
    2. Hospitality
    3. Facebook
    4. Media/Communications
    5. After-Prom
    6. Wildcat Inspiration Award
    7. Faculty Representative
    8. Student Vice President

RCHS PTSA General Meeting, Agenda May 11, 2020, 5:30pm Zoom session

Present: Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl, Jen Andrews, Megan Vaught, Dr. Craft, Tinni Sen, Ashlee Payne, Julie Woodzicka, Kim Hickman, Pat Bradley, Dave Pfaff, Bethany Hull, Andy Martin

Call to order Public Comments – none

Principal’s report (Michael Craft)

· Underclass awards are being filmed; will be broadcast 5/20

· Senior awards are being filmed (family is invited to the school to watch student cross the stage; broadcast on 5/21

· ACTION: Link awards videos on PTSA Facebook page;

· ACTION: use Wildcat Weekly Youtube channel and/or utilize Mrs. Holton to publicize on the Prowler

· Graduation video sessions begin Wednesday. Each senior will be filmed crossing the stage to receive his/her diploma.

o Graduation video will be displayed at Hull’s on 5/22. The public will be encouraged to line the route from RCHS to Hull’s to form a “parade”.

· If face-to-face restrictions are lifted, RCHS will host an in-person graduation ceremony.

· School lunches: students’ parents will have an opportunity to apply for a card to use for the purchase of their own food supplies.

· Projecting a $1.2MM shortfall in budget

Executive Committee Report

· Treasurer’s report (Jen Andrews): Revenue – another good batch of support for After-Prom party; Expenses – PTSA purchased Main Street Lexington gift certificates for teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. ACTION: tax form prep beginning in June.

New Business

· Vote: PTSA Officers for the next academic year

Tinni Sen– President

Daniella Topasna – Vice President

Jen Andrews – Treasurer

Megan Vaught – Secretary

All approved unanimously

· PTSA Senior Award (Pat Bradley)

o One nominee so far; deadline for nominations is Friday

o ACTION: Dr. Bradley will notify Jen Andrews the name of the winner so she can issue the check

o ACTION: Dr. Bradley will record the award video for the Senior Night awards ceremony

o ACTION: announce to PTSA membership (Tinni)

· Wildcat Inspiration Award (Courtney Diette)

o 6 nominees; Tinni, Courtney and Megan will review nominations and vote (virtually)

o Two awards will be given; all six nominees will receive a laser-cut acrylic award (created by Dave Pfaff)

o ACTION: Courtney will have the awards engraved and will get the awards for the nominees and winners over to RCHS

Committee Reports

· Fundraising (Mary Kelly and Kimberly Hines) – no report

· Hospitality (Molly Kay Moore, Connie Loughhead, Bethany Hull):

o We finished off the 2019/20 school year with a staff appreciation breakfast of sausage biscuits and coffee donated by Seth at McDonald’s and doughnuts from Pure Eats. We also purchased $10 gift

certificates for the teachers and staff that can be used in any downtown store or restaurant. Even with all the craziness at the end, we had a wonderful year celebrating the teachers and staff at RCHS!

· Facebook (Molly Kay Moore) – no report

· After Prom (Kimberly Hines) – no report

· Media/Communications (Julie Woodzicka, Dave Pfaff) – no report

· Faculty Representative (Ashlee Payne)

o All the teachers are so thankful for the gift cards. That was so kind, and really let us know that we have your support during this difficult time.

o Please let me know how I can help and support you next year, as I hope Mary Holton and I get to continue to be the teacher liaisons.

· Student Vice President – not presen

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