Regular Meeting Minutes

January 2020

Location: RCHS Staff room

Date and Time: January 13, 5:30pm

Start: 5:35pm

  • Call to order: in attendance: Jen Andrew, Ashlee Payne, Julie Woodzicka, Richard Miller, TC McCoy, Molly Kay Moore, Tinni Sen, Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl.
  • Approval of Minutes from December:
    • “library has its own Insta page, not Twitter
    • Julie Woodzicka was present
  • Public Comments: None
  • Executive Committee Report
    • President’s report (Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl)
      • Second call for wish list sent to Mike Craft
      • College Admission Panel: Not in March, busy month for Guidance office. Tentatively Moved to Wednesday, April 15, 6:30pm to 7:30pm
    • Treasurer’s report (Jen Andrews)
      • Saved to RCHS PTSA Dropbox: Balance: 12/31/2019 $11,205.72
      • 2 new memberships
      • Question: what was earmarked for After Prom? Jen Andrews will check on balance of 2019 After Prom
  • Principal’s report (Mr. Craft). Richard Miller for Mike Craft
      • Report on Safe Space: Good presentation. 25-30 teachers, 30 Administrators. MRMS is considering making it mandatory for all MRMS teachers. Payne build list of resources.
      • Administrators went to RACS Trauma training. 2.5 hours.
      • Chris Heron videos shown on Jan 13, 2020
      • No update on DMV at RCHS yet.
      • Meetings on Class offerings will start on Jan 16
      • New: Middle schools visit RCHS, Jan 20, 21.
      • New Community board in Commons area.
      • Curriculum Information night, Jan 30, 6-8pm
      • Discussion on bringing in Consent, Safe Space into Health Curriculum. Miller will take to Craft.
  • Committee reports
    • Fundraising (Mary Kelly and Kimberly Hines):
    • Hospitality (Molly Kay Moore, Connie Loughhead, Bethany Hull):
      • Feb yogurt bar, Pie day in March, April – teacher appreciation week
  • Facebook (Molly Kay Moore):
      • Running daily announcements on MWF
      • Action item: Link to Guidance Newsletter on Tuesdays
      • There is an Insta page, handle is RCHS PTSA.
  • Media/Communications (Julie Woodzicka, Dave Pfaff)
      • Website is good
      • Include FB feed on website. Action item: Dave Pfaff
  • After-Prom (Kimberly Hines and Tc McCoy):
      • raised $1400 so far.
      • New Venue, MRMS, new gym and cafeteria
      • Ford Drive is on, April 18. At both MRMS and RCHS. Money will come in about 5 weeks later. Need 300 drivers for $8K. 9am onwards.
  • Wildcat Inspiration Award (Courtney Diette): No update
  • Faculty Representative: Ashlee Payne
      • Library would like to help with After Prom
      • Amanda Burks coordinating a book fair next year, would like volunteers
      • Bibliography of books about LGBTQIA+ issues available at the library
      • Thanks for the snacks for students
      • Ask for donation of non-perishable food once a month to be dropped off at the main office with Ms. Pedigo’s name on it
      • Incentives to reduce truancy: PTSA to provide ideas and volunteers. Optional exams? Auction of car spaces, gas Cards, food cards, athletic pass. Free oil change.
  • Student Vice President: No update
  • New Initiatives – ideas to discuss: Incentives to reduce truancy.


End: 7:07pm


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