Regular Meeting Minutes

March 2019

Location: RCHS Library

Date and Time: March 11, 6:30pm

Attendees: Executive Board: Jenny Mastin, Julie Woodzicka, Tammi Hellwig, Valentina Dimotrova-Grajzl, Molly Kay Moore, Carol Penney, Mike Craft (Principal)

Additional attendees: RCHS Junior and Family

  • Call to order
  • Approval of Minutes from February.
    • Nominating committee was approved
    • No other formal minutes from February (college admissions representative presentation)
  • Public Comments
    • Family addressed the cancellation of a recent speaker that was going to talk about suicide prevention. We discussed that legal counsel reviewed this particular speaker and he was unable to come and be compliant with the law. However, we all discussed the need for programming related to suicide prevention. We discussed the recent mental health panel presented by the PTSA and the summary of services provided. An issue was raised about the cost of such services. Suggestions were made for a speaker, and the PTSA will follow-up with potential future programming and with respect to issue of any costs associated with counseling (e.g. Rockbridge Area Community Services Prevention Services). An additional suggestion was made to explore more after-school opportunities and the need for a location for students to gather.
  • Principal’s report (Mr. Craft)
    • The PTSA requests information from Mr. Craft and Mr. Loliss on the number of RCHS athletic teams that are funded, the number of athletes on each team (2018-2019 or 2017-2018), short description of the protocol governing how funds are distributed among the teams, whether the total amount of funding that Athletics receives dependent upon the number of athletes on team rosters, a list of teams that have formal “Booster Clubs”
      • School was not aware of some of the fees that were being charged for sports. From now on there will be no more fees charged.
      • Coaches need to request the equipment needed.
      • Discussed how the disbursements can remain equitable. Mr. Craft indicated that uniform purchasing is rotated among the sports. Title IX compliance is reviewed.
      • There are fees to the Virginia High School League (comes with insurance).
      • School Board provides a set budget.  Estimate gate receipts. Those two items makes up the budget for the year. Each team has a base amount based upon needs like transportation, officials, certified helmets.
      • There are inconsistencies in distribution – for example, the academic team’s meals were provided for the recent State competition participation, but not for the swim team (and perhaps others).
      • Suggestion made for a policy that is communicated with respect to what is covered, what isn’t, etc. Mr. Craft noted that an updated athletics handbook is forthcoming and will be available by this fall.
      • Valentina noted that one of the main reasons for the request so that we could see what the budgeted amounts are and necessary amounts, and perhaps we can look for grants to assist.
      • All coaches have been communicated with that there will be no fees, and that necessary items will be covered.
      • We will reach out to Mr. Lollis for further communications and offer assistance. Will offer a spreadsheet to help with communication and so that we can see what basics are covered and what assistance we could pursue.
  • Executive Committee Report
    • Treasurer’s report (Jenny Mastin)
      • YTD Income: $12,477.70; YTD Expenses: $1,953.20;
        • Balance: $19,287.75
      • One department spent money from W&L Grant (languages); Jenny will write check to the school to cover. Other 2 departments (photography and biology) need to submit expenses.
  • Report on college admission panel and follow-up initiative (Julie Woodzicka and Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl)
      • College admission panel was a huge success – 50-75 people attended.
      • W&L panelist (Grace Loughhead) suggested a full day workshop that she would coordinate among all 4 schools. Perhaps earlier in the fall. Will follow up in April to pursue.
  • Update on nominating committee for executive committee positions (Julie Woodzicka)
      • Nominating committee in place: Debra Frein, Scott Youngdahl, and Carol Penney
      • Tinni Sen and Megan Vaught have expressed interest
      • For subcommittees, we are to reach out and see if they would be willing to continue.
      • Hospitality intends to remain. Julie Woodzicka will reach out to the remaining subcommittees
      • Carol noted that there are some volunteers that will be shadowing to consider future coordination.
  • Update on Wildcat Inspiration Award planning (Julie Woodzicka, Courtney Diette)
    • Committee is Julie Woodzicka, Joan Godfrey, Courtney Diette, and Tammi Hellwig.
    • Event is scheduled for Sunday, April 28, 2019 at Evans Dining Hall Event will run from 2:30-4:30pm. We have the space from 2-5 to allow for set-up and clean-up.
    • Cost of space and food is $686 plus some change. We will have an artisan cheese board, fresh fruit, a variety of cookies, lemonade, coffee, and hot tea.
    • The announcements went out to seniors a few weeks ago. We should follow up with a reminder this week that all nominations are due by Friday, March 22. 
    • Will meet the week of Mar. 25-28 to review applications and decide on winners.
    • Awards are at jewelers and just need to be engraved.
    • Invites will be sent right after Spring Break.
    • Paper invites be sent
    • Nominations will be laser engraved with details of the event included
      • Also need programs. 
      • Total cost will likely be $1,000 (one-half cost of last year)
      • We need a guest speaker     
        • Julie Woodzicka will send an email seeing if anyone has any suggestions for a speaker. By the 20th we will have a list.
  • Discussion of increasing general membership dues for next year
      • Discussed increasing to $7.00; $25.00 for family?
      • Will consider at next meeting
  • Committee reports
    • Fundraising – update requested
      • No report.
  • Hospitality – report submitted
      • Pie day is March 14 for teachers; good response so far
  • Facebook
      • Communications have been consistent
  • Media/Communications
      • Julie Woodzicka will update website
      • Request made for Julie to continue media/communications; to be considered
  • After-Prom – report submitted, update on how we can help, report on replacement for Carol Penney
      • After-Prom is moving along
      • We lost funds from a grant this year
      • Central office will provide at least $500
      • Budget is approximately $5,000
      • Donations will be requested, particularly for gift cards
  • Faculty Representative
      • No report
  • Student Vice President
      • No report
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